Credits: Ross Mahon Photography

Former clinical psychologist specialised in forensic expertise in Paris and Los Angeles, Maddy Joy trained as an actress while working for a mental health institution.

She concealed work and trainings while performing in a few classic French and American plays in Paris. Once her training completed she left everything behind to start her career as an actress in 2016.

She moved to Ireland where she felt she could fully develop her creativity. There, she became the lead actress in a play dealing with the contemporary subject of terrorism. She interpreted a complex character fighting to conceal her religious beliefs with her romantic feelings while being at the centre of a terrorist plot.

After that, Maddy Joy appeared in a few TV series like “the day I should have died” on CBS, “Vikings” and other Irish productions.
She also kept her trainings up to date by regularly attending workshops and making the most of the knowledge she’d gather to always challenge herself and improve the quality of her work.

Now she parts between acting and a modelling career for Irish, British and French ads.